Crystalvine Corporation has developed a new line of flavored gourmet sugars and gourmet salts that create a new and interesting dining experience and provide a new palette of products to the professional chef and the home gourmet.

Crystalvine Corporation provides a new, patented sugar granule that is a novel edible carrier of any liquid system. The granulation is sugar based for use in epicurean applications to deliver a specific flavor but with a unique mouth feel and visual, a Premier Finishing Sugar - A new sanding sugar of larger size and natural flavor.

The flavored salts begin with pure salt. They are then infused with natural flavorings that bring white salt to life. The final products are finishing salts that add a new visual, new taste, a new experience.

These salts and sugars incorporate great antioxidant ingredients such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Green Tea, Cocoa from France, Natural Blueberry Extract, and other fantastic things such as Turmeric, Espresso, Natural Vanilla and Spanish Saffron - Sugars and Salts Like Never Before.

Flavored Gourmet Sugars

Some examples of unique sugars include

  • Green tea sugar which is infused with green tea flavors and extra anti-oxidants, and many other infused salts.
  • Red wine sugar - infused with red wine to give it a beautiful red color and a hint of wine when you taste the sugar
  • Blueberry sugar for some blueberry anti-oxidant goodness
  • Chocolate sugar - everyone's dream come true

Flavored Gourmet Salts

Some examples of unique salts include

  • Coffee salt - coffee infused salt for coffee lovers
  • Turmeric salt - infused with the turmeric spice for healthy anti-oxidants and rich flavors
  • Beer salt - something every beer lover would appreciate
  • Saffron salt - an adventure for even the most savvy gourmet connoisseur

UNIQUE SUGAR FEATURES - Finishing Flavored Sugar, Sanding Sugar

           Offers enhanced, new, unique "mouth-feel" and crunch
           Developed to retain structural integrity, a larger size
           Made with natural ingredients
           Durable, visible and colorful

           Flavored salts, using natural, organic ingredients
           Deliver a natural aroma and flavor
           A new visual for a salt product
           Create an artful presentation